Anonymous: And I pause for a second when I hear Hails name

is that so

Anonymous: Ah it cant be that boring if you enjoyed yourself! Watch "The Boat that Rocked" my favourite film eva!!!

i shall give it a watch sometime 

Anonymous: Hey! You seem to be getting quite creepy anons so I thought Id ask how your Friday night was??? Im rather tipsy watching Queen Live in Montreal!

my friday night consisted of me going out for coffee all by myself and coming home to watch hairspray, all by myself so it’s been quite boring

and that sounds cool!! haha 

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."
Anonymous: There's no way you're a virgin

i am though

Anonymous: I just want to make you cum so hard your legs are shaking and you're out of breath. I want to see your eyes roll back in your head as you get closer and closer to going over the edge. And then I want to watch your hips bucking as you lose complete control over your body.

that sounds fantastic 


cuddling would be cool right now

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